• Designed and developed in Australia

    100 % pure web based solution

    Available Globally

How many Loyalty programmes fail because they lack the systems to truly deliver benefits for customers, and retention for the business?

It seems like every store you visit has some kind of loyalty programme intended to attract and retain customers. Too often though the programme has little to really off ther customer because of limitations in the technology behind the programme.

MEMforce is 100% pure web-based. This means that by design it can be access anywhere, globally. In addition, customer portals are directly integrated to the MEMforce, ensureing one database providing up to date information for you and your customers.

Compatible and Flexible

The standard platform underpinnning MEMforce provides a suite of technologies to make integration to existing IT infrastructure as painless as possible. From XML through to file import/export and documented APIs.



Track customer transactions, Capture and Redeem points

MEMforce has the necessary technologies built in to allow it to connect with your other POS and back office systems. Customer purchases can be tracked, and points accumulated. Likewise, redemptions and discounts can also be managed with MEMforce.