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Are People the focus of your organisation ?
Whatever you call them Members, Supporters, Clients, Registrants, Students or Patients; without them your organisation wouldn't exist.

The relationships you have with these people is multi-faceted. Ranging from financial through to inter-personal, campaigning, lobbying, activism, fund raising and case management.

MEMforce has been developed based on over two decades of experience working with organisations just like yours.


"MEMforce It's about people", is a registered trademark of Cotswold Concepts Pty Limited.

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Features for the 21st century Union

While the fundamental objectives and principles haven't changed over the decades, the methods required to reach and activate members have changed.

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Reaching out shouldn't be out of reach

Charity organisations have so many demands on limited financial resources. Our Charity pricing plan means that you don't have to compromise when it comes to the software to keep your organisation running.

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